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Let everything that has
breath praise the lord

Psalm 150:6
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Raising children to love god

Eielson Awana is changing youth ministry! Our mission is to start a fire inside your child for the love of Christ. Join us for fun games, silly themes, and key scripture memorization.

Just the facts

- 92% of Awana alumni still attend church weekly or more often.
- Awana alumni are 3.6 times more likely to read their bible several times a week.
- 70% of alumni said they witness to friends at least once a month.

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We love technology! With your busy lives, we make things easy. That's why we provide easy registration, right here, online! It's never to late to join us. Is it November? Register Now! Is it February? Register Now! No matter what day it is, you are welcome here at Awana.

Volunteer Led

Eielson Awana is ran by volunteers. Each volunteer is trained and dedicated to supporting the growth of your child in Christ. If you are interested, we would love to have you. As volunteers, no one is paid. Every dollar spent by you is spent on your child.

Parent Friendly

We know you want to be involved with your childs progress every step of the way. That's why this year, for the first time, we are announcing "YourAwanaChild". Sign up today and monitor your child as they progress through the Awana curriculum.

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What are other parents saying?

There is no better way to teach your children about the amazing gift of Christ than through the Awana program. I'm thankful for dedicated leaders and a chapel team that keeps the program running year after year. Children deserve to see the joy Jesus brings into our daily lives. I'm thankful Awana is able to do that each and every club night. Jesse AlfordJesse Alford
Awana has been such an awesome experience for our family! Not only is it a great time for children and parents alike to learn more about Jesus Christ, but it is a wonderful time to play games, do crafts and fellowship with other Christian families. It has allowed our family to connect on a deeper level with one another and other families in our community. Michele WarnerMichele Warner
I've been the cubbies director the past few years and have enjoyed getting to know all the amazing children that come to club each week. They love playing the games, doing the crafts, and interacting with the weekly puppet shows. I couldn't imagine seeing myself not being apart of Eielson Awana. It is touching so many lives. Niki AlfordNiki Alford

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